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Can a Damaged Solenoid Drain Your Car Battery? I Got the Alternator Tested and It's Not That.?
Solenoid Battery1. does car battery charge itself while the car is idle?But we are not part of nature anymore.. we've removed ourselves from the dance of predator and prey, we have created an artificial environment, that distances us from the natural world. We have separated ourselves.. physically, mentally and emotionally from Nature. How many people do you know that have knowledge of the plants they can eat in their area? How many people do you know that could really and truly go out in the woods and survive? How many know the tracks and scat of the animals of the woods and could really and truly read them? How many people think it's wrong in the extreme for humans to be prey for other animals? It's sad really.. so few have maintained the knowledge we humans accumulated in Nature, when we lived as part of it. Do you know what deer scat looks like? Do you know what mushrooms and plants and berries you can eat? Do you know all the plants and their uses to treat illness and infection? We are not connected to our ancestors anymore, we forget most all of what they knew.. we've lost the knowledge handed down from one generation to the next that made us who we are. Did your father teach you to hunt? Did your mother teach you how to gather? We've lost our inheritance.. we've become dispossessed of the simplest of survival skills that our species worked so hard to discover over millions of years of struggle to survive. We are the only species on the planet that no longer adapts to nature.. we instead try to force nature to adapt to our needs.. that is the problem, and that will be our undoing.2. Why there a green powdery substance forming at the positive contact of my car battery?Believe it or not...clean it with Coke a Cola....and also...there are felt pads that fit on the terminals that keep corrosion from forming. BUT try the Coke first!3. I cleaned corrosion off my car battery and now it wont start and is making a clicking noise?Clean Battery Cables4. what happens if you switch the negative and positive on a car battery?You might blow the computers. At least you would blow the fusible link--assuming your car is lucky enough to have one. It would probably fry the starter, too. Any way, you would induce complete electrical failure in your car's wiring...and, probably, blow the battery up.5. Why does my car battery die when I turn my car off? ?Bad battery or alternator. Can check free at most car parts stores6. How to Clean a Car Battery Cable | DoItYourself.comCorrosion can build up on the battery cable of your car or light truck. You will see this as a greenish material that resembles dried foam. Typically, this corrosion is from sulfuric acid that comes from your battery. This corrosion can build up a coating on your battery cable that will interfere with power being transmitted between the car's battery and its electrical components. After putting on your rubber gloves and safety glasses, open the hood of your vehicle and locate your car's battery. Remove its protective cover. You may not see corrosion where the cable fits over the battery terminal, but it may be there under the cover. In a small container, add 4 or 5 tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of water, and stir until the soda is dissolved. Use a turkey baster to slowly and carefully apply some of this solution to the area around your corroded battery cable and terminal. Continue adding the solution until it stops bubbling. Then rinse the solution and debris off the battery using clean water.7. Never Get Stranded Again Thanks to Emergency Car Battery StartersBeing a safe driver is not just about observing traffic signals and driving the speed limit. It also means outfitting your car with everything you need for an emergency. As noted on the AAA website, all drivers are at risk for breakdowns and roadside emergencies regardless of the age of the car, but for those drivers in cars that are 10 years or older, they are four times as likely to break down. That's why we always keep an emergency car battery starter in our vehicle, regardless of what, where and how far we are driving. While it's a good idea to keep jumper cables in your car, they are not always a realistic option. If your vehicle breaks down in a deserted area, there may not be another car around to give you a boost. Placing jumper cables between cars incorrectly can also result in damage to the vehicles, which is why we like the option of emergency car battery starters. The three options we've included are all compact and lightweight, making them ideal not only for cars, trucks, and vans but also for use on RVs, boats, lawnmowers, ATVs and more. We also like that they are small enough to throw into our suitcase and take with us on trips when we have a rental car. Protect yourself from roadside emergencies with your own emergency car battery starter. With enough power to jump-start up to 6.5 liter gas or 5.2 liter diesel engines up to 20 times on a single charge, the DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter is every drivers' best friend. The DBPOWER features a clear LCD screen that displays how much power is left, letting users know when it's time to charge the battery. The DBPOWER is also a great backup for small electronics, with a 18000mAh capacity and smart USB port. The starter has added smart features like a flashlight with a high, strobe and SOS setting and a compass, which double as survival tools when your car breaks down in a rural area. The starter includes intelligent jumper clamps, a 12V wall charger and a 12V car charger. Pros: The starter comes with 8-in-1 laptop adapters and can charge computers, phones, tablets and more at a high speed. Cons: The DBPOWER can last up to four months on a single charge, while the Rugged Geed is closer to one year. Updated for 2019, the Rugged Geek Safety Plus Car Jump Starter is powerful enough to boost just about any car or truck on the road, including a 7.0 liter gas and 3.5 liter diesel engine thanks to its 1,000 Peak Amps. Like the DBPOWER, the Rugged Geek also includes an ultra-bright LED light with various settings, including Strobe and SOS. It also comes with a USB port and nine laptop charging cables to help boost small electronics. The Rugged Geek comes in a rugged EVA carrying case and can fit in the glove box. Pros: The Rugged Geek is the only option on our list that also comes with an air compressor. Cons: The Rugged Geek is the most expensive option on our list. Weighing only 1.16 pounds and with dimensions that are close to a smartphone, the GOOLOO SuperSafe Car Jump Starter is the most lightweight and compact option on our list, great for travel and smaller cars with limited storage space. With a rating of 800 peak amps, the GOOLOO can power a 7.0 liter gas and 5.5 liter diesel engine and includes a USB port for charging small electronics. The GOOLOO also includes a flashlight with three settings. Pros: The GOOLOO has five advanced safety technology features, including overload protection and high temperature protection, making it a safe option even for car newbies. Cons: Unlike the first two options, the GOOLOO does not come with laptop adapters. The GOOLOO holds a charge for three months, which is the shortest time of all the starters on our list.
Principle of Current Transformer
Current transformer is an instrument that converts a large current at the primary side into a small current at the secondary side according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Current transformer is composed of closed core and winding. Its primary winding has few turns and is connected in series in the line of current to be measured.Therefore, it often flows all the current of the line, and the number of turns of the secondary side winding is relatively large. It is connected in series in the measuring instrument and protection circuit. When the current transformer is working, its secondary side circuit is always closed. Therefore, the impedance of the series coil of the measuring instrument and protection circuit is very small, and the working state of the current transformer is close to short circuit. The current transformer converts the large current at the primary side into the small current at the secondary side for measurement, and the secondary side shall not be open circuit.The current transformer is mainly used to convert the large current in the AC circuit into a certain proportion of small current (5 ampere times in China's standard) for measurement and relay protection. We should know that in the process of power generation, transformation, transmission and distribution, due to different electrical equipment, the current often ranges from tens of amps to tens of thousands of AMPS, and these circuits may also be accompanied by high voltage. In order to monitor and measure the circuits of these lines and solve the dangers caused by high voltage and high current, current transformer is needed. Some people may have seen the clamp meter used by electricians, which is a kind of equipment used to measure AC current. Its "clamp" is the through core current transformer.The current transformer is composed of primary coil, secondary coil, iron core, insulation support and outgoing terminal. The iron core of the current transformer is made of silicon steel sheets. Its primary coil is connected in series with the main circuit, and through the measured current I1, it generates alternating magnetic flux in the iron core to make the secondary coil induce the corresponding secondary current I2. If the excitation loss is ignored, i1n1 = i2n2, where N1 and N2 are the turns of primary and secondary coils respectively. Conversion ratio of current transformer k = I1 / I2 = N2 / N1.Since the primary coil of the current transformer is connected in the main circuit, the insulation material corresponding to the primary line voltage must be adopted for the ground of the primary coil to ensure the safety of the secondary circuit and personnel. The secondary circuit is composed of the secondary coil of the current transformer, the current coil of the instrument and the relay in series. Current transformers can be roughly divided into two categories: current transformers for measurement and current transformers for protection.The is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Its primary winding often flows through all the current of the line. When the current transformer is working, its secondary circuit is always closed. Therefore, the impedance of the series coil of the measuring instrument and protection circuit is very small, and the working state of the current transformer is close to short circuit.In an ideal current transformer, if the no-load current I0 = 0, the total magnetomotive force i0n0 = 0. According to the law of energy conservation, the magnetomotive force of the primary winding is equal to that of the secondary winding, i.e. i1ni = - i2n2That is, the current of the current transformer is inversely proportional to its turns. The ratio of primary current to secondary current â…  1 / â…  2 is called the current ratio of the current transformer. When the secondary current is known, the primary current can be obtained by multiplying the current ratio. At this time, the phasor of the secondary current is 1800 different from that of the primary current.
How Big of a Power Supply Do I Need?
250 is about the minimum right now and you are running way over the minimum. It is not that the power supplies are bad, so much, as that they are weak. But, on the flip side, why fix something that is not broke? When you upgrade, look at your pocket book and decide how much you want to spend; they start shooting up pretty fast after you hit 500 watts.1. Where exactly does the ground line go in an AC-DC power supply?There is no connection to earth ground here, and one is not needed. In fact this is typically an advantage of using a transformer like this--it isolates your circuit from what may be a noisey ground. You can connect the earth pin to the chassis if you want. That will help with noise pickup, if the chassis is metal. In the event the live wires come loose somehow and touch the case, it's also a nice safety feature: the voltage will be shunted to ground. If you are using plastic casing, you can just leave the earth wire disconnected.2. Will a 600 W power supply be enough for...?Yes that's a good size pwr suppy. Might I suggest the 8600GTS instead of the 8600GT it's a much stronger video card.3. What power supply unit is reccommended for hardcore gaming?better get a 750w to be safe, but honestly i think your having more of a airflow problem in your case. try adding a few more fans to increase airflow:)4. Computer Power Supply Capacitor Replacement fail?First... the first three three responders need to be slapped! The only reason to be so rude and negative is to make oneself feel important at someone else's expense. Yes, you made some mistakes and you already know that. So... when you get sparks and heat it means something is shorted. In other words, you've got two or more pieces of metal touching each other that should not be touching. Perhaps some solder got into places it should not be or maybe the original power surge melted insulation and allowed the touching. If you are certain you only see sparks around the capacitor you just replaced, my first guess would be solder overlap or perhaps you put the capacitor leads in the wrong holes. As responder 4 suggested, look for burned or melted insulation (varnish in coils, rubber/plastic on wires) and look for wires, solder or other bits and pieces that should not be touching. Also, make certain that you put the new capacitor wires in their proper places. Things like capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. have polarities (sort of like a front and back) and have to be oriented properly. Look for the positive lead mark (or study the old one and match the new one to it) and make sure it goes in the positive position, meaning the same hole the old one was in. As for the person that said power supplies are deadly...that's only true if they are plugged in or...and this is VERY IMPORTANT!... if there's a capacitor that is still holding a charge big enough to hurt you. Capacitors are electrical storage devices and will, like a battery, hold a charge for a long time (even when the power is turned off) unless they are discharged. Do not get your body parts in the way of that discharge. Now, as responder 4 said, get your magnifying glass and study those parts and connections.5. Capacitive Power Supply Zener ResistanceFor reference and to protect against future edits, here is the circuit you show:This can not possibly work long term. This is because C1 will get charged up, and has no way to discharge. After just a few cycles, it will get to a steady state voltage such that the voltage on its right side gets just to the point of conducting thru D1 at the positive peaks of the input voltage. After that, every time the input peak is little higher, or the voltage on the right side of D1 a little lower, C1 will conduct. However it will also be charged up more. The next cycle a even higher input voltage will be required to allow any current to flow. After a few cycles, effectively no current flows anymore.This is not a "power supply".Argh! You now say there is additional circuitry connected to the right side of the diode. By not showing the complete circuit, you wasted everyone's time here. There Zeners are apparently there to act as shunt regulators for the output voltage labeled "Load". R2 is probably just to limit current thru the Zener when there are short term spikes on the input voltage.It does not look like C3 does much of anything useful. It's time constant with R2 is only 47 s. Perhaps the top of the Zener is going to yet more circuitry that you do not show, and the capacitor reduces the high frequency noise on this 12 V node
Which Do You Prefer? the Japanese Subbed Version of Sailor Moon, Or the English Version?
Definitely the English-subbed Japanese version.They really messed up on the American version,as they left off an entire season,spliced many eps. so they could combine them into one,and made the best anime yuri couple ever into cousins.1. Is there a 64 bit version of Steam?Indeed, there is no version, but i disagree to the apparently dominant opinion that it would be useless; it would be useful on Linux boxes (e.g. Arch), where installing 32 bits software on a 64 bits environment is a pain: every dependency needs to be provided just to run this sole 32 bits app, and notably you must install a 32 bits version of your graphics driver (that's not something that seems actually useful).This is also why steam mostly works on the steam distro and Ubuntu. See the number of fixes required to make it work on Arch linux: Steam - ArchWiki2. Correlate ChangeLog to a specific versionI had the same issue but unfortunately, we have not found a solution to this.In the end, we decided to review our architecture to avoid the need to work with it. Indeed when you are working with version history all you can operate is a date time of the version. You know it could be the same as in ChangeToken or a bit bigger (I suppose due to delays in processing on a server). In our case, we are saving last processed ChangeToken and last processed DateTime from the version history. It allows us to use it in comparing process in the future.3. Is this Version of the computer good?That is an ok computer. I would pay $150 not a cent more4. Is there a "light” version of GIMP?If you are on Windows, try Paint.NET5. Will there ever be the final version of Mac OS in the same way as Windows 10 is the final version of Windows?macOS 10 is the final version of macOS in the same sense. It's just that the move was done 12-13 years prior to it being done on Windows.Sure, 10.18, nevertheless it's still 10.Now macOS is more often rebranded. That is true. But it's basically the same Unix-based system which also has Mach-O kernel interface.6. what is the difference between version olive oil and extra version olive oil?There are the techincal definitions of Extra Virgin and Virgin: Extra virgin olive oils are produced from the first pressing, which is performed within 24 to 72 hours of harvesting. Mechanical or hand pressing are the only methods used to obtain extra virgin olive oil. No heat or chemical processes are used. The oil obtained from the first pressing is the only olive oil that can be classified as extra virgin (or virgin, depending on the natural acidity level). Virgin olive oil grades are produced in the same manner as extra virgin grades. The oil is not refined or processed after pressing. The natural acidity levels are greater than extra virgin grades, ranging from 1.5% to 3.3%. The flavor and aroma of virgin olive oil is of the highest quality. The oil obtained from the first pressing is the only olive oil that can be classified as virgin (or extra virgin, depending on the natural acidity level). However, wikipedia brings up the point that USDA labeling laws do not regulate the extra virgin and virgin olive oil classification... which means if someone were shady they can call it virgin or extra virgin with no legal repercussions.7. what is weathering in kids version?To wear out (break apart/get old) because of rain, snow and wind8. Is there (or will there EVER be) a version of Google Earth that ?There will be someday but probably not available for public use. Law enforcement will be able to see everything that is going on 24/7. It is time for Political and Judicial reform.9. Is the Nintendo version of Donkey Kong the exact same as the original arcade version? How is it different?Donkey Kong was a more adventure based and challenging game than the arcade version. The arcade version was jumping running and getting to the prize at the end, also it was in 2-d, where as Donkey Kong 64 was in 3-d10. No new version of freemat availableFreemat 4.0-5build1 is the newest version for 14.04.If you need a newer version, you should probably install from source, or upgrade to 18.04, which has Freemat 4.2 available.You can show more information about a package with apt policy packagename. This is what is shown on 18.04:
Narrative Elements: Symbolism in Video Games.
When I started studying and reading about video games, I noticed that symbolism is a crucial element on them whether the game has a story plot or not.Symbolisms enrich a fiction, makes it have twisting points that you normally would not expect and that makes productions like Silent Hill, Last of Us or even Gears of war such a success.Symbolisms are the ones that people keep in their minds, that get into their deepest emotions, and as a writer, is ideal that you use them even when a lot of creators these days are not willing to. Look into an example in video games history, let's see Pyramid Head in Silent Hill.If you are a fan, you know that Pyramid Head is the representation of the sexual repression of the main character, you can tell it from the sexual abuse scenes; even if the content is sensitive, it is a symbolism of the main character's mind. At that moment everything begins to get more sense. When you write and want to introduce symbolism, it is very important that the character is well defined, this means that you have not only the general facts clear, but also you have his mindset in mind, social context, emotions, a rich story that you can use to create a whole universe, that lets you create representations of his deepest fears for example.Some days ago, I was talking to a colleague at work about this topic and we were discussing the Evil Within 2 trailer. From my personal point of view, this is the best trailer I´ve seen, because they sell their idea without selling a lie, an illusion, but they use symbolism to get your interest. That is the hook. Here in Colombia and in some countries in Latin America, there are a lot of initiatives that want to support the video game industry. It is very important and awesome, but the problem is that they expect you to create educational content, nothing that is politically incorrect or too explicit, and that tends to create a very limited range of possibilities for the ones that want to contribute to the creation of a competitive industry, because educational games are only a small part of the big picture.I think it is very important that we use symbolism to get into people's minds in a very unsuspected way, to create deeper experiences for the users, let's make use of our creativity, any genre you want to explore, but try to create details, what a color could mean, the outfit of a character. Even when there is a story or not. You can use symbolism in every little detail, so your game has more impact, using it is the way to give unforgettable game experiences.Want to know more about us? Follow us. Click the link belowMental Host GameFear inside your mind.mentalhostgame.comHow old were you when you stopped playing video games?whats wrong with video games?? its an entertainment of electronicssongs ruined by video games?ah yes, i know someone who thinks she's the biggest alternative/rock fan because she knows every mainstream song and guitar hero/rock band song. seriously, mainstream is usually the shallow end of the originality pool and without guitar hero or rock band most kids would not like the older stuff! they would think it was outdatedAre Video Games even any good?It depends on the content of the game. I can guarantee you that one of the reasons I am so good with computers is that I had a little kid's Sesame Street program that had lessons on things like letters and numbers. I had a lot of programs like that... But, notice I am referring to them as programs. They were video games to me, but are usually thought of as learning aides/teaching assistants. There are other games though, like The Sims. I've actually become better at time management with that game. Playing the Legend of Zelda games have definitely helped me in puzzle solving. Hell, playing Pokemon I developed how to plan, and how to use strengths and weaknesses. I began playing mmorpgs about ten years ago, when I was still in elementary school. That significantly helped my typing skills, and probably attributes to why I have good spelling despite how fast I type. I also honed communication skills, because I was painfully shy and at first had trouble speaking to people. Then we get into iffier territory of morality games. One can certainly explore the consequences of their actions in that genre. But then there are 'bad influences'. While I wo not hesitate to say that games such as Grand Theft Auto are probably a bad influence, you also can not ignore the rest of life. For example, I would be much more scared watching the news than I would watching a kid play GTA. As long as kids are taught to take everything with a grain of salt and clearly separate video games from reality, I do not really see too many issues. Except for the fact that many kids are not properly taught, and so...yeah. Anyway, I hope I helped you find some ways that video games can be helpful to children. Good luck with your essay. Certainly sounds like a difficult topic =/
Best Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light
Buy Link: CLICK HEREChauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light Product Description:Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light. Shocker Panel 180 USB is a high-impact LED strobe light featuring four zones of control. Eye-popping built-in effects and chases pre-programs can be triggered via master/slave, DMX mode, or the optional IRC-6 remote (sold separately). DJ Chauvet DJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Strobe Lights. Price: 219.99 USD. Sale Price: 159.99 USD.The Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel 180 USB Stage Light is a post from: Musical Instruments.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Technology Giant Youda Optoelectronics Announced the Closure of Its Production Line in Songjiang, Sh
oneRecently, another technology giant AUO announced the closure of its production line in Songjiang, Shanghai, China. This is another world-class enterprise that announced the closure of its factory after Shenzhen Samsung communications!The predecessor of Youda optoelectronics's Songjiang factory is Dahui electronics. It is a subsidiary of Guanghui electronics jointly invested by Guangda computer, Japan sharp and domestic well-known enterprises, specializing in the production of liquid crystal modules.In 2006, Dahui Electronics was merged by Taiwan Youda optoelectronics. As for why it closed its factory in Shanghai, Peng Shuanglang, CEO of Youda optoelectronics, said: BOE in the mainland is now their strongest opponent. As a peer of BOE, he said that although Taiwan enterprises work hard in diversification, they are not well controlled by mainland enterprises.twoWho is BOE?Let's take a look at the mobile phone screen first:This is the flexible screen!These screens are thinner than paper! And bending and folding, without any obstacles!It will crash Samsung and make apple stupidThis is made by BOE!Some time ago, the 6th generation AMOLED flexible display production line of BOE Chengdu factory realized mass production, which made China the second country in the world to produce flexible display.This also indicates that China has entered the fast lane of breaking the international monopoly, seizing the voice of the display industry and the outlet of the future Internet of things!Yes, with 3000 engineers, 10-year reserves and 40000 technical difficulties, China's display manufacturing industry has been promoted to the first in the world! After 10 years of thinking and 15 years of working, we finally achieved such a display screen today.Flexible membrane is so fragile that it is sure that every step of its production is difficult, and the last step is also the key. The robot separates the glass substrate from the film. The thickness of the flexible film is only 20 microns. As long as the error of the blade exceeds 0.1 mm, the whole film will be scrapped.Flexible screen will greatly facilitate people's life!It is not only reflected in the field of mobile phones, but also home TVs, laptops, car monitors, wearable devices and so on.It is conceivable that in the future, many small partners' mobile phones can be rolled up or folded and put in their pockets.Flexible displays can even make magical changes in many household products:threeSince this year, BOE has fully caught up with and surpassed several major Korean enterprises in the LCD industry. It is reported that in the first quarter of 2018, BOE surpassed South Korea's two panel giants LGD and Samsung by 12.5 million pieces for the first time, and was about 25% higher than the shipment of three stars.Some time ago, Samsung came to rub the heat. It is said that BOE, the leader of China's panel industry, will cooperate with Samsung panel, with Samsung providing technology and BOE responsible for production.Samsung will help BOE improve the production capacity of generation 10.5 line, and BOE will provide Samsung with panels at 60% of the cost price in return.Mom, is this what makes us your processing factory again?Recently, BOE overbearing denied this claim, saying that its generation 10.5 line in Hefei is the world's first generation 10.5 LCD panel production line, while Samsung panel currently has only the production experience of generation 8.5 line and the older generation production line, and has no mass production experience of generation 10.5 line, which can not help JD improve the yield of generation 10.5 line.This is almost equivalent to saying: you and we are not at the same level! It's not the level between us, but the generation difference! It is impossible for us to achieve cooperation in technology.We sincerely hope that several more such high-tech enterprises will appear in China to dispel the arrogance of these foreign giants!In the electrical industry, the strong rise of made in China has squeezed European, American and Japanese enterprises out of breath in just over a decade!Ten years ago, it was said that P & G was the best in the world and invincible. At that time, P & G's market share in China once reached 47%, and the washing and hair care products exceeded 50%. However, today, under the competition of Chinese brands, the famous brands of P & G such as Piao Rou and panting have been gradually squeezed out of the Chinese market by Chinese local FMCG brands such as Lafang, Shulei and Liushen.Ten years ago, it was said that Motorola and apple in the United States and Samsung in South Korea were good. China could only make a fake machine. Look at today, what is the situation of Chinese brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi? Huawei has the first open market share in Japan and Xiaomi has the first market share in India!Ten years ago, some people said that Hitachi TV was good and Panasonic TV was high-definition, but China couldn't even make a TV. However, today, Hisense, Skyworth and TCL are rapidly rising in China's TV industry. Is Japanese TV safe today?!Ten years ago, some people said that whirlpool and Sanyo washing machines were easier to use than domestic ones. They didn't even have the technology to make washing machines in China. Now little swan, Haier and Hisense have come. Haier washing machines are not only sold all over the world, but also made washing machines specially for washing potatoes. At this time, they were speechless!The trade friction between China and the United States continues today. One thing is clear. The United States directly points to made in China 2025. What the United States is most worried about is to see such high-tech enterprises in China!The more aggressive the United States is, the more we should refuel!There is a Chinese saying: Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement!
Inventory of Black Technology in Future Bank Outlets
Do you have a feeling that the changes brought by science and technology are too fast!Taking the bank as an example, in the early years, customers went to the bank's offline outlets to handle business. With the popularity of mobile network, we slowly began to get used to handling business on the bank's online banking and app. Not long ago, JD finance and ICBC proposed a model completely different from bank app - "Scene integrated digital bank". The cooperation between Internet giants and banks has long been nothing new. Bat basically started early, but generally speaking, the cooperation is based on customer acquisition or marketing, and there are few real landing products. In addition to the strategic cooperation, JD finance and ICBC also released two heavyweight landing cooperation, from which we may see the shadow and trend of "future bank".One is an intelligent business outlet. Why don't everyone want to go to the current bank outlets? Because the experience that bank outlets can provide is very limited, it is the place where they line up to do business. If banks can make their outlets as full of fresh experience as Apple stores, it is not a problem for banks to attract young customers.Remember the "unmanned supermarket" that blew up the circle of friends? Brother duck hasn't had a chance to experience it yet, but he can go to the ICBC outlet to experience the "unmanned precious metal store" right away. What do you mean? As we all know, precious metal retail now accounts for a large proportion in the retail business of major banks. When customers come to the bank, our staff usually introduce them one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the effect is very limited.The unmanned precious metal store built by Jingdong finance and ICBC this time greatly enriches customers' offline experience through face recognition, intelligent operation, interactive marketing and other technologies: when entering the store, users can pick up a favorite gold jewelry from the precious metal booth to feel it; At the same time, the high-definition large screen display placed above the booth has synchronously displayed the information of the gold jewelry, including name, weight, material, etc. Customers can view the information they are interested in by themselves. With a wave of the screen, they can "turn the page every other space". New introduction information is constantly displayed, just like being explained by an AI clerk.That's not bullshit. If customers like which product, they can directly scan the code and place an order, and Jingdong will send the product to the door. Be careful when you see Jingdong on the road in the future. Their car contains not only household appliances and drinks, but also gold bars. I don't know what kind of security Dongge will provide to the kids at that time?Another worth mentioning is ICBC Xiaobai digital bank. I don't know how many people, like brother duck, have a pile of bank apps installed in their mobile phones. They can't use them at ordinary times. Once in a while, they don't even remember their passwords. The ICBC Xiaobai digital Bank jointly launched by ICBC and JD subverts the traditional form of bank app. It can be embedded into various forms of Internet environments such as app, circle of friends and web pages in your daily applications. In this way, the bank's services can be scattered into various vertical scenes. For example, when you browse educational websites and next to the information of foreign universities, you can see the study abroad financial module displayed by ICBC Xiaobai. On apps such as tourism and live broadcasting, you will catch a glimpse of the consumer financial products carried by ICBC Xiaobai embedded in the app. You can enjoy the bank's services without jumping out of these scenic spots and hitting the bank app.It may sound like no big deal, but brother duck thinks that this form of decentralization is essentially a change in the concept of banking services in the future - it is no longer to let users find banks to handle business, but that banks appear to help users handle business at any time when users need it.A new function launched by ICBC Xiaobai is very cow x, that is, you can apply for the deposit certificate commonly used for visa application online, and then deliver it home by JD express. The bank's basic business is to make a deposit certificate, but when it is handled at the counter, the younger brother has to work hard for a long time, which will affect the experience of himself and the customers behind him. Sometimes the small teller will lie on the gun inexplicably. It is clearly not his fault, but he will be criticized by the customers behind for no reason: why is this person so slow in doing business? In the cooperation between Jingdong finance and ICBC, in order to improve this, they will open a service: online credit certificate application. Users do not need to apply for credit certificates such as deposit certificates at ICBC outlets. They only need to apply online at ICBC Xiaobai, place an order with one click, and Jingdong Logistics will be delivered home.Brother duck personally thinks this is very good. For customers, there is no need to wait in a long queue. For operators near the cabinet, there is no need to carry the pot. It can kill two birds with one stone. It not only improves the customer's experience, but also saves our staff from some unnecessary misunderstandings. More importantly, through the form of "door-to-door delivery", it has virtually expanded the service capacity of bank outlets.To make "banks understand customers better" and provide "intelligent services" in the scenarios users need anytime, anywhere, is inseparable from the big data technology of the Internet. This is also the advantage of Internet giants such as JD finance. At present, what we know is that in the future network transformation of ICBC, JD finance will provide biological probe face recognition, passenger flow intelligent analysis and intelligent product recommendation. At the same time, this big data will also be applied to the planning and recommendation of ICBC's financial products to improve customers' financial experience.For example, using technologies such as face recognition, machine vision, target tracking and in-depth learning, when users, especially VIP customers, enter the network, they can immediately identify by scanning their faces, and form user labels in combination with customer gender, age, mood, appearance value, leadership type and other user characteristics. According to these user tags, banks can recommend products and services for users, forming an intelligent recommendation effect of thousands of people and thousands of faces.The older generation's demand for banks is "safe and assured", while the young people who are "spoiled" by the Internet now pay more attention to the "convenient" experience. In the future, banking services must take into account these two demands. The significance of the cooperation between Internet giants and bank bosses is here. Brother duck sincerely hopes that there will be more innovations such as "smart outlets" and "unmanned precious metal stores". After all, front-line employees are less scolded, bank business efficiency is higher, more money is made, and customers are convenient and satisfied. Why not?
CEATEC 2016 Sees Nijikang: Opening a New Era of Power Storage
CEATEC (Japan Electronic High Tech Expo) is a world-class exhibition with the most cutting-edge, largest scale and widest product range in the electronic field in Asia and Japan. From October 4 to 7, "CEATEC Japan 2016" was held as scheduled in muzhang Messe International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that the number of visitors in 2016 increased by 9.1% compared with 2015. In addition, this year's number of exhibitors reached 648, an increase of 22% over last year. The number of booths increased from 1609 last year to 1710, the number of overseas exhibitors and groups increased from 151 last year to 195, and the number of participating countries and regions increased from 19 to 24. As an "old friend" of the exhibition, nikikon took "new era of power storage" and "EV solution" as the two major themes and brought a variety of new products to the exhibition.Integration of on-board charger and DC-DC inverterAt the nikikon booth, crowds gathered and many onlookers gathered. The curious Xiaobian also couldn't help coming forward to watch. There was a super cool sports car on the nijikang booth, but it seems that everyone's focus is not on the car itself, but the on-board charger (OBC) in the car. In fact, nikikon has been providing solutions for key components from capacitors to vehicle molds, as well as v2h system and fast charger products supporting public facilities. In terms of on-board chargers (OBCS), nikikon developed on-board chargers for the first batch of mass-produced electric vehicles in Japan in 2009, which are applied to Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and other electric vehicles. In 2013, it achieved 20% miniaturization. Nikikon is one of the few companies in the industry that can mix OBC and DC-DC inverter to make an integrated product. It has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, high endurance and long service life.The smallest 10kW fast charging pile in the worldIn previous exhibitions, nikikon has demonstrated its 20kW and 30kW fast charging piles. In this exhibition, nikikon brought the world's smallest fast charging - 10kW fast charging pile. It is reported that this fast charging covers a super small area and can fill 80% of the power in 30 minutes.Electric vehicle and residential mutual power supply system v2h productNikikon also launched v2h (vehicle to home) product, which can not only provide power for the electric vehicle, but also transfer the energy in the electric vehicle battery back to the house when needed. The application of v2h products in the Japanese market has been relatively mature. The domestic v2h market is still in the early stage of cultivation. In his opinion, at this stage, electric vehicles are set as zero emission vehicles, which will be widely popularized in the future. When electric vehicles are generally used as batteries, v2h will have a place to play.In addition to providing integrated products and solutions, nikikon, which made its fortune in capacitors, mainly provides capacitors with different functions.Complete capacitor product lineFor example, "uby series" adds and expands the new rated lead-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor supporting high temperature, high capacity and high ripple. "Uby series" has excellent high temperature characteristics and high capacity? High ripple rating is the most suitable series of products for automotive electronic equipment. After the rated voltage is expanded this time, by expanding the support voltage of the high-capacity electrode foil developed by nikikon and optimizing the internal structure, the high-capacity quantization of up to 1.8 times is realized from the existing product "UBT series" in the same voltage section. In addition, high-performance electrolyte with excellent stability and sealing rubber with excellent durability are used in the high-temperature field, realizing up to 2.2 times high ripple from the "UBT series". Therefore, it is expected to make further contributions through the space saving and efficiency of various control units of the vehicle.With the deepening of high efficiency and energy saving in the field of industrial equipment and the increasing requirements in renewable energy related fields such as solar power generation and wind power generation, nikikon has launched the industry's highest 600V rated "LGN series" substrate self-supporting aluminum electrolytic capacitor. "LGN series" 600V rated voltage is achieved by using electrolyte with long-term stability and improved film repair ability under high voltage, such as high reliable electrode foil with high voltage resistant oxide film, and high voltage resistant electrolytic paper. In particular, the composition of electrolyte is optimized, and the high withstand voltage is improved by about 20 30%. Therefore, a new electrolyte with high withstand voltage of 105 ℃ 600V is developed. By using "LGN series" 600V rated products, the number of pieces can be reduced. For example, for 1200V and 400V products, three need to be used in series, but the new 600V product only needs two in series, which can be considered as a space-saving circuit design.With the deepening of electronic control and ADAS, the demand for chip capacitors for engine ECU and ECU around driving system in on-board related equipment has increased. Therefore, it has become a necessary condition for ESR specified products to meet the high temperature environment (125 ℃) and the on-board environment at low temperature (40 ℃). Nikikon expanded the "uch series" chip type aluminum electrolytic capacitor specified by ESR that passed the durability test. This product is based on the technology cultivated by nikikon so far, and is suitable for the latest low emission electrolyte and high rate? High capacity electrode foil realizes higher capacity and low ESR from the existing "ucz series" 125 ℃ low ESR specified chip products. Through the development of this series, it can contribute to the supporting vehicle environment of the whole machine, reducing the number of parts, saving power and long service life.Establishment of necst (Nikon energy control system technology) project
50 Ways to Be More Frugal
As the nation grapples with rising debt, Chloe Rhodes reveals some strange ... and sensible ... ways of being mean and thrifty Money, it's a drag. With the stock market looking shaky, mortgage rates rising and the credit bubble about to burst we could all do with a few pointers on how to be thrifty. And now there is a guide to lead us towards a more prudent new dawn. In The Penny Pincher's Book Revisited - Living Better for Less, seasoned savers John and Irma Mustoe share their innovative (and sometimes eccentric) tips. 1 Steam iron (or freeze) woollen clothes during winter to kill moth eggs. It's the larvae, not the flying moths, that do the damage. And conkers make very good 'mothballs'. 2 Extend the useful life of empty scent bottles or talcum boxes by putting them into drawers to perfume the contents. 3 When altering a hemline, dab vinegar on the crease and then iron dry. No telltale line left! 4 Plant lettuce seeds. A 15g packet of seeds produces about 2,000 lettuces and costs about the same as a single lettuce in shops. 5 Patent leather can be cleaned with vaseline or the inside of a banana skin. 6 The bags inside cereal boxes are excellent for storing bread and for using in the freezer. 7 Pour olive oil into a pepper shaker so that you can sprinkle it onto pizza, salads and so on, rather than glug it. 8 Tights last longer if you freeze them overnight before you wear them. We don't know why, but since it costs nothing it's worth doing. 9 Refrigerate candles for a few hours before using and they will burn more slowly, drip less, and give you better value for money. 10 Don't assume that just because it's a 'household hint' it is a money saving one. Rubbing anything with a cut lemon to clean it is expensive. 11 Put on a pair of cotton gloves before you put on a shear pair of tights to prevent snagging. 12 Keep sliced bread in the freezer. It thaws in seconds, so take out only what you need. 13 Use old coathangers as skewers for cooking on the barbecue. 14 Toothpaste is not one of life's necessities. Brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda or half soda/half salt. 15 Store new bars of soap in the airing cupboard to make them hard. They last longer. Soft soap dissolves too quickly. 16 The best shower-door cleaner is white vinegar. Wipe it on, leave to soak for a few minutes if the door has disappeared under a layer of white gunge, then rinse well, using a squeegee blade and polish dry. 17 Cut your speed from 70mph to 60 mph for a petrol saving of about 15 per cent. 18 Nail polish lasts longer if kept in the fridge. 19 Lemon juice makes a super hair setting lotion. Use it neat. 20 Baby lotion is a good make-up remover, baby cream and baby oil and is quite suitable for grown-up faces. 21 Add a few drops of your favourite scent to unperfumed talcum powder and shake well instead of buying expensive talc. 22 For a cheap mouthwash, use one tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water. 23 Honey is antiseptic. Spread a little over shaving nicks. 24 Aloe vera is a miracle plant. Keep one in the kitchen for breaking off a leaf and squeezing the juice onto burns or insect bites. 25 Change a 100W light bulb to a 60W one which costs 40 per cent less to operate. 26 Save a small fortune by 1) giving up smoking, and 2) not using the expensive nicotine gums - chew beeswax instead. 27 Sell clutter. As William Morris said: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 28 Save a few wine corks - stick them on the end of knitting needles to keep the stitches from sliding off. They also make a non-scratch scourer as well as being good firelighters. 29 Egg white makes an excellent glue for paper. 30 The best bird-scarer is free, biodegradable and very, very, quiet. First, obtain a dead bird. Attach one leg to a branch with a piece of string, letting the wings and head hang down to flap gently in the breeze. 31 Use sand, not salt, on icy paths - salt can damage or even kill nearby plants. The sand can be swept up and used again. 32 Used car oil is just as good as new oil for using on garden tools and bicycles. 33 Tights and stockings can make emergency fan belts for a car to get to a garage. 34 Buy anti-freeze in the summer. As temperatures drop, the price goes up! 35 A freezer is a money saver, especially if there is home- grown produce to preserve, as well as special offers from the butcher and greengrocer. 36 Remember that cheaper cuts of meat are just as nutritious as the expensive ones. You are not depriving yourself or your family of nourishment by choosing them. 37 You can re-use coffee grounds by baking them for half an hour or so in a moderate oven while something else is baking. 38 Line the bottom of the salad drawer in the fridge with newspaper or paper towels to help keep vegetables fresh for longer. 39 Leftover salad can be boiled and whizzed into a soup. 40 If you need to send a parcel there are lots of companies that will promise a super-efficient, overnight service. And they also charge you mightily for it. Very few parcels have to be delivered next day. Ask what their slow service would cost. 41 For keeping sweaters looking good, there is a wonderful little comb-like gadget called D.Fuzz.It, which costs a few pence. 42 Citrus fruit pips usually germinate into lovely plants. 43 Use an old calendar page as a pretty piece of wrapping paper. 44 Turn TVs and computers off. Equipment on stand-by may be using one third of the power of being on, but nobody is benefiting except the power companies. 45 Unless you are at Wimbledon, don't buy strawberries during Wimbledon. 46 Glue a piece of felt to the bottom of a square ceramic tile to make a heat-resistant mat. 47 Old carpets make good insulation, or they can be cut up into squares and used as door mats. 48 Save quizzes or riddles from papers and magazines and store them for using in Christmas crackers. 49 For fast dusting, or brass polishing, slip an old pair of socks over your hands. 50 Buy British-grown foods in season. It's economical and helps the country.
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