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CEATEC 2016 Sees Nijikang: Opening a New Era of Power Storage
CEATEC (Japan Electronic High Tech Expo) is a world-class exhibition with the most cutting-edge, largest scale and widest product range in the electronic field in Asia and Japan. From October 4 to 7, "CEATEC Japan 2016" was held as scheduled in muzhang Messe International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that the number of visitors in 2016 increased by 9.1% compared with 2015. In addition, this year's number of exhibitors reached 648, an increase of 22% over last year. The number of booths increased from 1609 last year to 1710, the number of overseas exhibitors and groups increased from 151 last year to 195, and the number of participating countries and regions increased from 19 to 24. As an "old friend" of the exhibition, nikikon took "new era of power storage" and "EV solution" as the two major themes and brought a variety of new products to the exhibition.Integration of on-board charger and DC-DC inverterAt the nikikon booth, crowds gathered and many onlookers gathered. The curious Xiaobian also couldn't help coming forward to watch. There was a super cool sports car on the nijikang booth, but it seems that everyone's focus is not on the car itself, but the on-board charger (OBC) in the car. In fact, nikikon has been providing solutions for key components from capacitors to vehicle molds, as well as v2h system and fast charger products supporting public facilities. In terms of on-board chargers (OBCS), nikikon developed on-board chargers for the first batch of mass-produced electric vehicles in Japan in 2009, which are applied to Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and other electric vehicles. In 2013, it achieved 20% miniaturization. Nikikon is one of the few companies in the industry that can mix OBC and DC-DC inverter to make an integrated product. It has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, high endurance and long service life.The smallest 10kW fast charging pile in the worldIn previous exhibitions, nikikon has demonstrated its 20kW and 30kW fast charging piles. In this exhibition, nikikon brought the world's smallest fast charging - 10kW fast charging pile. It is reported that this fast charging covers a super small area and can fill 80% of the power in 30 minutes.Electric vehicle and residential mutual power supply system v2h productNikikon also launched v2h (vehicle to home) product, which can not only provide power for the electric vehicle, but also transfer the energy in the electric vehicle battery back to the house when needed. The application of v2h products in the Japanese market has been relatively mature. The domestic v2h market is still in the early stage of cultivation. In his opinion, at this stage, electric vehicles are set as zero emission vehicles, which will be widely popularized in the future. When electric vehicles are generally used as batteries, v2h will have a place to play.In addition to providing integrated products and solutions, nikikon, which made its fortune in capacitors, mainly provides capacitors with different functions.Complete capacitor product lineFor example, "uby series" adds and expands the new rated lead-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor supporting high temperature, high capacity and high ripple. "Uby series" has excellent high temperature characteristics and high capacity? High ripple rating is the most suitable series of products for automotive electronic equipment. After the rated voltage is expanded this time, by expanding the support voltage of the high-capacity electrode foil developed by nikikon and optimizing the internal structure, the high-capacity quantization of up to 1.8 times is realized from the existing product "UBT series" in the same voltage section. In addition, high-performance electrolyte with excellent stability and sealing rubber with excellent durability are used in the high-temperature field, realizing up to 2.2 times high ripple from the "UBT series". Therefore, it is expected to make further contributions through the space saving and efficiency of various control units of the vehicle.With the deepening of high efficiency and energy saving in the field of industrial equipment and the increasing requirements in renewable energy related fields such as solar power generation and wind power generation, nikikon has launched the industry's highest 600V rated "LGN series" substrate self-supporting aluminum electrolytic capacitor. "LGN series" 600V rated voltage is achieved by using electrolyte with long-term stability and improved film repair ability under high voltage, such as high reliable electrode foil with high voltage resistant oxide film, and high voltage resistant electrolytic paper. In particular, the composition of electrolyte is optimized, and the high withstand voltage is improved by about 20 30%. Therefore, a new electrolyte with high withstand voltage of 105 ℃ 600V is developed. By using "LGN series" 600V rated products, the number of pieces can be reduced. For example, for 1200V and 400V products, three need to be used in series, but the new 600V product only needs two in series, which can be considered as a space-saving circuit design.With the deepening of electronic control and ADAS, the demand for chip capacitors for engine ECU and ECU around driving system in on-board related equipment has increased. Therefore, it has become a necessary condition for ESR specified products to meet the high temperature environment (125 ℃) and the on-board environment at low temperature (40 ℃). Nikikon expanded the "uch series" chip type aluminum electrolytic capacitor specified by ESR that passed the durability test. This product is based on the technology cultivated by nikikon so far, and is suitable for the latest low emission electrolyte and high rate? High capacity electrode foil realizes higher capacity and low ESR from the existing "ucz series" 125 ℃ low ESR specified chip products. Through the development of this series, it can contribute to the supporting vehicle environment of the whole machine, reducing the number of parts, saving power and long service life.Establishment of necst (Nikon energy control system technology) project
50 Ways to Be More Frugal
As the nation grapples with rising debt, Chloe Rhodes reveals some strange ... and sensible ... ways of being mean and thrifty Money, it's a drag. With the stock market looking shaky, mortgage rates rising and the credit bubble about to burst we could all do with a few pointers on how to be thrifty. And now there is a guide to lead us towards a more prudent new dawn. In The Penny Pincher's Book Revisited - Living Better for Less, seasoned savers John and Irma Mustoe share their innovative (and sometimes eccentric) tips. 1 Steam iron (or freeze) woollen clothes during winter to kill moth eggs. It's the larvae, not the flying moths, that do the damage. And conkers make very good 'mothballs'. 2 Extend the useful life of empty scent bottles or talcum boxes by putting them into drawers to perfume the contents. 3 When altering a hemline, dab vinegar on the crease and then iron dry. No telltale line left! 4 Plant lettuce seeds. A 15g packet of seeds produces about 2,000 lettuces and costs about the same as a single lettuce in shops. 5 Patent leather can be cleaned with vaseline or the inside of a banana skin. 6 The bags inside cereal boxes are excellent for storing bread and for using in the freezer. 7 Pour olive oil into a pepper shaker so that you can sprinkle it onto pizza, salads and so on, rather than glug it. 8 Tights last longer if you freeze them overnight before you wear them. We don't know why, but since it costs nothing it's worth doing. 9 Refrigerate candles for a few hours before using and they will burn more slowly, drip less, and give you better value for money. 10 Don't assume that just because it's a 'household hint' it is a money saving one. Rubbing anything with a cut lemon to clean it is expensive. 11 Put on a pair of cotton gloves before you put on a shear pair of tights to prevent snagging. 12 Keep sliced bread in the freezer. It thaws in seconds, so take out only what you need. 13 Use old coathangers as skewers for cooking on the barbecue. 14 Toothpaste is not one of life's necessities. Brush your teeth with bicarbonate of soda or half soda/half salt. 15 Store new bars of soap in the airing cupboard to make them hard. They last longer. Soft soap dissolves too quickly. 16 The best shower-door cleaner is white vinegar. Wipe it on, leave to soak for a few minutes if the door has disappeared under a layer of white gunge, then rinse well, using a squeegee blade and polish dry. 17 Cut your speed from 70mph to 60 mph for a petrol saving of about 15 per cent. 18 Nail polish lasts longer if kept in the fridge. 19 Lemon juice makes a super hair setting lotion. Use it neat. 20 Baby lotion is a good make-up remover, baby cream and baby oil and is quite suitable for grown-up faces. 21 Add a few drops of your favourite scent to unperfumed talcum powder and shake well instead of buying expensive talc. 22 For a cheap mouthwash, use one tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water. 23 Honey is antiseptic. Spread a little over shaving nicks. 24 Aloe vera is a miracle plant. Keep one in the kitchen for breaking off a leaf and squeezing the juice onto burns or insect bites. 25 Change a 100W light bulb to a 60W one which costs 40 per cent less to operate. 26 Save a small fortune by 1) giving up smoking, and 2) not using the expensive nicotine gums - chew beeswax instead. 27 Sell clutter. As William Morris said: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 28 Save a few wine corks - stick them on the end of knitting needles to keep the stitches from sliding off. They also make a non-scratch scourer as well as being good firelighters. 29 Egg white makes an excellent glue for paper. 30 The best bird-scarer is free, biodegradable and very, very, quiet. First, obtain a dead bird. Attach one leg to a branch with a piece of string, letting the wings and head hang down to flap gently in the breeze. 31 Use sand, not salt, on icy paths - salt can damage or even kill nearby plants. The sand can be swept up and used again. 32 Used car oil is just as good as new oil for using on garden tools and bicycles. 33 Tights and stockings can make emergency fan belts for a car to get to a garage. 34 Buy anti-freeze in the summer. As temperatures drop, the price goes up! 35 A freezer is a money saver, especially if there is home- grown produce to preserve, as well as special offers from the butcher and greengrocer. 36 Remember that cheaper cuts of meat are just as nutritious as the expensive ones. You are not depriving yourself or your family of nourishment by choosing them. 37 You can re-use coffee grounds by baking them for half an hour or so in a moderate oven while something else is baking. 38 Line the bottom of the salad drawer in the fridge with newspaper or paper towels to help keep vegetables fresh for longer. 39 Leftover salad can be boiled and whizzed into a soup. 40 If you need to send a parcel there are lots of companies that will promise a super-efficient, overnight service. And they also charge you mightily for it. Very few parcels have to be delivered next day. Ask what their slow service would cost. 41 For keeping sweaters looking good, there is a wonderful little comb-like gadget called D.Fuzz.It, which costs a few pence. 42 Citrus fruit pips usually germinate into lovely plants. 43 Use an old calendar page as a pretty piece of wrapping paper. 44 Turn TVs and computers off. Equipment on stand-by may be using one third of the power of being on, but nobody is benefiting except the power companies. 45 Unless you are at Wimbledon, don't buy strawberries during Wimbledon. 46 Glue a piece of felt to the bottom of a square ceramic tile to make a heat-resistant mat. 47 Old carpets make good insulation, or they can be cut up into squares and used as door mats. 48 Save quizzes or riddles from papers and magazines and store them for using in Christmas crackers. 49 For fast dusting, or brass polishing, slip an old pair of socks over your hands. 50 Buy British-grown foods in season. It's economical and helps the country.
Somebody Make This Science Question Simpler?
Somebody Make this Science Question Simpler?Basically, is it facing the same direction on the stage as it is when you look through the microscope. Example; If it looks like this ^ on the stage and this < when you look through the microscope, then NO. If ^ and ^, then yes.— — — — — —Tanner stage Calculator?Tanner Stage Calculator For Boys— — — — — —What does "General Admission" mean for a concert?there is an open floor. you go and stand whoever is there first gets up to the stage.— — — — — —Who is going to the Burnin Up concert on August 22nd?Im not going but all I know is that they completly change the stage and put in their own. I think lol =D— — — — — —Why does the stage of a microscope have to be up when you focus on a specimen?You want to start with the stage up, then move it down until you find the focus. If you start with it down and work your way up, you can end up crushing the slide into to optical of the microscope. It will break your slide and it can break a very expensive optical.— — — — — —how can i get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?I do not know what you mean by over the counter ? Are you saying at the Chemist you have tried cream remedies . or are you saying you have tried A L L the cosmetic products ? Because one is not the other, cosmetic products range from very light coverage to much more like actual stage makeup content, it is this later one which when put on will work for you , if you have tried all the other brands normal concealers (under eye concealers) at all the makeup counters in all the department stores. The stage make up is the one you need to find and who is actually selling it. Try talking to modeling agencies, theaters etc. Or a real good and senior Beautician, they should be helpful to you. The difference with stage make up is it lasts .and actually really looks and works as it all the best , hope this was of help.— — — — — —Which girl is prettier?there just kids. there not at the stage of pretty— — — — — —What's your worst v-day ever?Was dating a girl about 3 years younger than me. She was from a very small town. We were in the city of Richmond, VA (state capitol). She said she had always wanted to go to the Tobacco Company - at that time - THE restaurant in town. Expensive and rated one of the best in the nation. This restaurant was a remodel tobacco warehouse. They had remove the floor in the center of the 3 story building so it looked like there were 3 floors of balconies overlooking the stage on the first floor. A band was on the stage playing. She spent the entire evening: 1 - commenting that she was the youngest women (I would say baby girl) there 2 - asking me "If I spit, do you think I could hit that person downstairs?" 3- "There's no way, I am gonna have sex with you - you are too old." We broke up very shortly after that, and she married a man who was at least 25 years older than I was. She was 21 when I took her out. But I've also had girlfriends who broke up with me on Valentine Day. Funny thing, about 2 years after the spitting girl at that restaurant, I went there with some buddies and met a woman. We dated for 3 months before I took her back to that restaurant and proposed. A year after we met, we got married - I got a wife & 2 teenage kids. 24 years later, and we are still married.— — — — — —Do you think the present system has failed ?Do not you? Ca not you see where more than what you have written and then some is taking us too? Yep setting the stage. Enter the anti-Christ— — — — — —scared on stage! please help!!?Well i took dance too and i was so scared when i went on stage but all the lights will be on you and you will barely see the audience because it is so dark. But, if you just stay confident and smile it will all be good. You should also try dancing in front of a sibiling, parent, or friend so you can get used to dancing infront of alot of people. This is all I got. Good luck and Have fun. =)
List All Multiplicative Partitions of N
Try it online!Try it online!Maltysen answered this question in 17 bytes of Pyth, so I came up with a 16-byte Brachylog solution that worked by translating the specification of the question to Brachylog. While I was doing that, Dennis wrote a 15-byte Jelly solution. So I had to go down to 14 bytes. This is a function that takes the input as an argument, and returns a list of all partitions (rather than a generator, as with my other solution). Some time after I wrote this answer, Dennis and I managed to cooperatively get the Jelly solution down to 11 bytes. It turns out there's a new version of Brachylog out, with a terser syntax; it postdates the challenge, so does not actually count, but it could manage the 11-byte total too pretty much as soon as it released; later revisions of the language (inspired by other challenges) can go as low as 10, as seen here. The two programs are identical, with the only difference being the syntax. Unlike my other solution, which did not make much use of "golfing primitives" but rather stated the problem directly, this one ignores pretty much all the power of Brachylog constraints and does its best Jelly impression instead, writing a chain of constraints for which the left argument is already known (and thus the constraints simply act like Jelly monads rather than full-blown constraints). which is probably the easiest way to solve this using typical golfing primitives. (Interestingly, the "just state the problem" solution in my other answer would be shorter if not for bugs/deficiencies in the Brachylog interpreter, despite its lack of use of golfing primitives. Some day I need to write an "improved Brachylog" in order to get a good solution for this kind of problem; as golfing languages go, Brachylog is actually really verbose.)The program consists of a generator, and a wrapper around it. First, here's an explanation of the generator:This almost solves the problem, but we end up generating many of the partitions many times each. So we need a wrapper to deduplicate the solutions:1. raspberry boot from different partitionsNo. You could (I believe this is what something like berryboot probably does; I have not used it) load a minimal root fs, possibly from an initramfs, present the user with options, and then switch the root filesystem (which is what initramfs kernels always do), but obviously there is a bit of work involved.Alternately, you could write your own bootloader code, but this is even more work, and may require some proprietary knowledge (I am not sure)2. Defragging NTFS Partitions from LinuxThis is a BIG warning for all those of you that think NFTS can be defragmented on Linux just by copying files (cloning only files), etc:from what I know, any time Linux (cp, fsarchiver, etc) writes a file/folder on a NTFS it always write it without NTFS compression, no matter if the file/folder has compression on or off.So you can get to a situation (I meet it the hard way), where restoring with fsarchive (or cp, etc) would make partition to get full and not be enough.Some kind of data can reach an NTFS compression ratio of more than 3, so you can have a X GiB partition with a lot of files, and the sum of files be near 3*X in size. I give that warning because it is not well known and sometimes creates really big headaches. like when restoring a clone need more space than the whole partition that has been cloned, caused because NTFS compression got lost on Linux.Also, with very very special data (NTFS ratio greater than 5) I reach this situation:Oh yes, the clone was compressed and it took double that partition size. That is caused because the clone tool read files in plain (in clear, not compressed) then compress the data (with a really worst ratio than NTFS did).Of course restoring that data will not fit on that partition, since restored data will be putted without NTFS compression.Hope it is clear another reason why not to use NFTS compression? Well, not at all, I use NTFS compression a lot (in the past). VDI (Virtual Box) files get a really good ratio.Now I had discovered Pismo file Mount (and it also works on Linux). it can create a file that acts as a container (as a folder) and can be compressed (also with better ratio than NFTS) and at the same time encrypted. Why I mention it. because any clone tool will see such container as a file (when not mounted as folder) and read/dump/backup the compressed stream of data, not the plain uncompressed data (as with NTFS compression). so restoring is as with any other file.Instead of compressing a NTFS folder with NTFS compression attribute, I put a Pismo file Mount virtual folder. get better compression, etc.I must also warn all of you interested on such free tool. it has no shrink (at least yet), so if folder content changes a lot it is not a so good idea.But for immutable Virtual Disks, ISOs, and things that will not change, the ratio it gets is very close to LZMA2 ones (7-Zip) and it can be read/write on the fly.And it is cross-platform.Note the bad guy of NTFS compression talking about fragmentation. when you write a file to a NTFS with NTFS compression on, it does it this way (yes horrible designed, I think it is done like that to ensure greater fragmentation in intention way, worst can not be done):So it creates a lot, lot of GAPs in the middle of the file, and only after a file defragmentation that GAPs disappear, but that defragmentation does not occur until user order it (contig.exe, defrag.exe, etc).Yes, it writes the N'th 64K chunk on a position multiple of 64K, no matter if previous data could or not could be compressed, it leave a Gap between each 64K chunk (if all could be compressed).Pismo File Mount virtual folder compression acts like any normal compression is supposed to be done, piped mode, so no gaps. at least until you delete something. Also another warning, do not put VHD / VHDX files inside it, Windows will not be able to attach them! Windows uses a kernel trick to mount such things, it does not use file-system level, works at low level.I would also like to get my hands on a Linux NTFS defragmenter, sure would be faster than all that run over Windows. it is a total madness to defragment free space. or better talking. creating a whole big enough for a new big file.Also it would be great my memory work better. in the past I was using a tool (command line, sorry) on Windows that could copy/move a file in non-fragmented way. moving the needed files away while getting that needed whole, and not fragmenting that ones. it only gives a message if it can not find a way to put the file (impossible to get a hole) or a different warning if it needs t fragment another file (asking if authorised by user), etc. was really great. I did not remember the name (and maybe it does not work with modern windows, it was for Win2000).3. Equitable partitions in the graphFor this stuff, I prefer to think of the adjacency matrix as an operator of tne vector space $mathbbR^V(G)$ of real functions on $V(G)$. If $pi$ is a partition of $V(G)$, then the functions constant on the cells of $pi$ form subspace $F(pi)$ of $mathbbR^V(ZG)$. (Such a subspace is closed under Schur multiplication and contains the all-one vector.)The partition $pi$ is equitable if and only if $F(pi)$ is $A$-invariant. More generally, if $S$ is a set of matrices we can say $pi$ is equitable relative to $S$ if $F(pi)$ is $S$-invariant.So now suppose $pi$ is equitable relative to $A$. Then each cell of $pi$ induces a regular subgraph of $G$, and to $pi$ is a refinement of the degree partition of $V(G)$. It follows that $F(pi)$ is $D$-invariant, and consequently $F(pi)$ is closed under any matrix in the algebra generated by $A$ and $D$. In particular it is invariant relative to the unsigned Laplacian $AD$.If $F(pi)$ is $Q$-invariant then since the all-ones vector $textbf1$ lies in $F(pi)$ and $(AD)textbf1=2textbf1$ and since $F(pi)$ is Schur-closed, it follows that $F(pi)$ is $D$. Thus "$Q$-equitable" implies "$A$-equitable". (This may not have been noticed before.)Remark: the underlying theory appears in an old paper of mine "Equitable Partions" MR1249711.
Son of Sebenza! Chris Reeve Knives' Umnumzaan Brings Quality in Spades.
It took 20 years for Chris Reeve to come up with an heir apparent to his wildly popular and revered Sebenza model. Reeve, a former South African turned Idahoan, is the perennial winner of the Blade Show's Quality of Manufacturing award, crowned by a team of judges and those in attendance. It appears that Son of Sebenza was well worth the wait.The Umnumzaan, the Zulu word for "Boss" and referred to as "Zaan" for short, is a frame-lock folder. This design, popularized by Reeve, is a take-off of the popular Michael Walker-style liner lock. However it is widely considered to be stronger because the thick metal of the frame also serves as the locking leaf, as opposed to a thinner strip of metal inside the frame. The frame rails of the Zaan are 1/8" thick and made of top-shelf Titanium that not only offers strength, but weight savings. With a handle length of 4.77" the Zaan is Reeve's largest folder to date, and when engaged the 3.675" blade stretches the overall length to a smidgeon under 8.5".[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] The S30V premium stainless steel blade sports a stonewashed double-clip design, deeply hollowground for added slice. Rather than a stop pin to serve as a blade stop, Reeve has ingeniously used ambidextrous thumb studs to do the job, and these have rubber O-rings to serve as "shock absorbers" when the blade snicks into the open position. Another improvement is the addition of a stronger pivot with oversized pins to keep the blade secure and inline during harsh use.What words and pictures can't describe is the extreme precision Reeve builds into his knives. Only by handling and cutting with one will you appreciate the tight construction, smooth action and vault-like lockup that has become his trademark over the years. The price for the Umnumzaan is $400; less than many custom knives that can't hold a candle to Chris Reeve's incredibly high standards.KNIFE: UMNUMZAAN MAKER: CHRIS REEVE KNIVES 2949 S. VICTORY VIEW WAY BOISE, ID 83709 (208) 375-0367 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/CHRIS-REEVE BLADE MATERIAL: S30V stainless steel BLADE LENGTH: 3.675" OVERALL LENGTH: 8.445" WEIGHT: 5 ounces HANDLE/FRAME: Titanium PRICE: $400
What Is the Most Affordable Boat That Can Allow a Team of 3 to 5 People to Comfortably and Safely Sa
There are a great MANY boats that can do what you ask... However to refit them to make them sea worthy care and thought and experience has to be exercised and many systems such as solar panels, LED lights, water makers, navigation and communication systems and the more people you have the larger the boat needs to be to have sufficient storage for water and food on board. The faster the boat the less storage space is needed because you get there sooner... Most coastal cruisers can be equipped for ocean crossings... coastal cruising is far easier...1. How do I reduce the swelling in a horse's knee. Have tried LED lights, epsom salts and warm water, massage?You should speak with a veterinarian, but DMSO is used a lot as a liniment for horses and apparently quite effective, even works well on humans I've read2. If I bought a Alienware Aurora Case and used it for custom building, would all the LED lights and ports work?probably not as almost everything made by dell has proprietary connections3. What Can I Do to save power in my house?1. Switch OFF all unnecessary lightings in the evening & night hours. 2. Do not open frequently refrigerator. 3. switched off the all lights & fans if you are leavings your room. 4. Replace old electrical receptacles & equipments with new technology equipments. 5. Using CFL lamps or LED Lights instead of Indicant Lams and Tube lights. 6. Using of solar water heaters and room heaters instead of Electric heaters.4. Red LED lights behind air vents illegal in GA?pink or blue lighting fixtures furnishings are unlawful on any vehicles different than emergency and regulation-enforcement vehicles. In some states, any colour lighting fixtures furnishings on appropriate of a vehicle would desire to be authorized, by potential of the state, to be used5. How To Wire Tail Light On Motorcycle | Led Brake LightsLED strips are an easy-to-install addition to any motor vehicle - the same goes for motorcycles. If you need help wiring tail light on to your motorcycle, consider these diagrams If you are having issues with the LEDs, consider these easy fixes: Ensure that the positive wires are connected to the tail and brake lights Check the voltage of the battery when the bike is off, should your lights not turn off with the bike. Be sure to get power for the LEDs from a source that turns off with the bike. How to make LED lights flash to music What are the US lighting laws? How to install Corvette LED interior lights for C5 or Z066. Does anyone know what color led lights can legally be used as accents on a motorcycle?This is a good question. I am planning to buy some LED lights for my Harley when I go to the Chicago Motorcycle Show next weekend. I have checked the motor vehicle code section for accessory lights in Illinois and could not find anything specifically saying they are legal or not. Each state could have it's own rules regarding LEDs. I would suggest you check with your states DMV, They may be able to point you in the right direction. I guess I am going to have to do more research myself7. I would like to put led lights in my car, are there any brands that let you hook them up via amplifier?I used to artwork for a condo automobile business enterprise and had a crown vic each so oftentimes. I used to screw with human beings by sitting in my automobile, on my lot after hour of darkness with a hairdryer pointed on the site visitors passing the workplace. you would be shocked how a lot of human beings hit their brakes had in an "OH F!!!" 2nd. This became exciting till an officer reported me one evening and view me the insurrection act in the past letting me off with a warning. the user-friendly answer on your question is that the police wo not throw you in detention center for including lighting fixtures furnishings on your automobile, although that is not that puzzling for an officer to quote you for a misdemeanor for being a public nuisance. reckoning on the officer that crosses your course on any given day, they are able to infringe on your constitutional rights for any reason they decide on. ... and because you are employing the terminology of "making your automobile seem cooler", i will anticipate you have not any longer have been given the clout to win a conflict in courtroom as against the police. The shape protects the guy who chooses to offer an officer the middle finger at the same time as strolling down the line. The officer, believing his authority is being challenged can justify arresting you for that action. the main suitable word is. .. do no longer piss off the police unnecessarily
Do Cons Think National Parks Are Socialist?
Do Cons think National Parks are Socialist?I happen to love national parks and the word socialist does not come to mind when thinking about our National Parks. On the other hand I know of a lake that is owned by the government who once the leases were up at this lake and the government took over, they in turn did absolutely NOTHING. The biggest resort around is still closed on this lake thanks to the government. This resort made millions of dollars when it was run by a public person and his family. Now it is just a giant pig sty. So though the feds do a good job with our National Parks, they in turn waste millions on other government owned land. BTW, your analogy's suck— — — — — —National Parks and Wildlife Service (New South Wales)The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is a directorate of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment formerly the Office of Environment and Heritage (New South Wales) which was the main government conservation agency in New South Wales, Australia. The NSW NPWS was established in 1967 when the Fauna Protection Panel and Reserves Branch of the Lands Department were amalgamated under Lands Minister Hon. Tom Lewis AO. Lewis also establish the charity, National Parks Foundation to assist the NPWS raise funds for conservation. The first Director of the NPWS was Sam P. Weems of the US National Park Service. Duties performed by the NSW NPWS include: Wildlife Conservation Statistical Analysis of Species in Protected Areas Mapping of protected zones Combat of salinity and soil erosion Upkeep of Fire Trails Fire Management, including Hazard Reduction Burning Assistance to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Park ranger vehicle used for various purposes including patrols, conservation efforts and firefighting assistance Cessna 208 used for duties such as mapping, firefighting and more long distance transport— — — — — —Anyone else really not following the reasoning behind allowing guns in national parks?every sane American should have a firearm if every sane law abiding citizen it would be a safer America and the Jails would be on the endangered list It is hard for a Liberal to rationalize that legal guns in the hand of sane and law sbiding citizens are your friends. Do you want all the bad guys to have a gun.— — — — — —Southern Utah National Parks Snow?i might say Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon in that order. The Grand Canyon is pleasing place, however the conventional vacationer spends basically 4 hours. except you have the time and potential to bypass down the canyon, it is going to likely be problematic just to seem. Bryce and Zion are a splash greater accessable to oridinary persons— — — — — —What are your "top 5" favorite National Parks? Of those five, which is your all-time favorite?In order: Yosemite Yellowstone Great Smoky Mountains Acadia Rocky Mountain— — — — — —National parksNational parks in Panama (List of national parks of Panama) include: Altos de Campana National Park Barro Colorado Island Cerro Hoya National Park Chagres National Park Coiba National Park Darin National Park Omar Torrijos "El Cope" National Park Chiriqu Gulf National Marine Park Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park La Amistad International Park Las Cruces Trail National Park Portobelo National Park Sarigua National Park Soberana National Park Volcan Baru National Park— — — — — —List of national parks of AustraliaThis is a list of national parks within Australia that are managed by Australian, state and territory governments. The name may be a misnomer: nearly all parks are land owned and managed by the states and territories rather than the national government.— — — — — —National Parks and their FaunaThere are 11 National Parks and 25 Sanctuaries spread over an area of 10,862 km2 constituting 11.40% of the total forest area and 3.52% of the geographical area of the state. Efforts are under way to increase the Protected Area network to 15% of the forest or 5% of the geographical. There is a network of Protected Areas representative of bio-geographical zones. Special efforts have been made towards conservation of highly endangered species in the following National Parks and sanctuaries: Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna, and Satpura National Park are managed as project tiger areas. Sardarpur sanctuary in Dhar and Sailana are managed for conservation of kharmore or lesser florican. Ghatigaon sanctuary is managed for great Indian bustard or Son Chiriya. National Chambal Sanctuary is managed for conservation of gharial and crocodile, river dolphin, smooth-coated otter and a number of turtle species. Ken-gharial and Son-gharial sanctuaries are managed for conservation of gharial and mugger. Barasingha is the state animal and dudhraj is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh.However, once upon a time Satpura region, now famous for numerous tiger reserves, was ruled by wild Indian elephant and lions.
1999 Mercury Mountaineer Radiator?
new radiators can often be found at the parts store for less the 150.00 not sure about the merc but my dodge was 120.001. What is the radiator used in ktm duke 390?Duke 390 has a liquid-cooled motor and thus a radiator is installed to help it cooling faster. A radiator is a type of container which has multiple tubes like structure arranged in a way to pass the air through it and hence helps the coolant to cool faster. These tubes or fins are made of aluminium which is a good conductor of heat and can dissipates heats in faster terms. It also has a fan fixed and is operated when thermostats signal it to run in case engine gets hot above the normal operating temperature.The coolant is pumped by a pump fixed in engine. Coolant gets circulated around the cylinder wall, absorbs heat, then sent to radiator, gets cooled, and vice versa. The cycle gets repeated when engine is on.What is the radiator used in ktm duke 390?2. jeep wrangler tj radiator trouble?If you have soft uppers that come to a point, you have a factory soft top on your YJ. By using the TJ style soft door you will have gaps at the top of the door where the other door would have come to a point. Besttop makes tops that use a rounded upper door for the YJ.3. how to repair leaking radiator hoses?did you use radiator clamps on the hoses?, tighten the clamps4. radiator question for 1983 chevy el camino?Thermostat may be stuck or wrong size pressure cap on radiator or its over heating for some other mechanical reason it should overflow from the expansion container and not the radiator or hoses.Also an easy way to check the water pump on this year and model with engine off grab the fan with both hands and see if there is any play in it there should be absolutly zero if any play at all bearings in water pump about to go out could leave ya stranded.Good accesary to have if ya do not have one is a tempature gauge do not rely on the dummy light cause most times when it goes off the damage is done.5. could my radiator cap be the problem?Most caps hold between 12 and 15 lbs. of pressure. For each pound of presure it raises boiling temp/ 3 degrees. Most electric fans come on at about 220 degrees. With normal boiling being 212 degrees if your cap is bad the car will keep boiling. So the cap should help if there is no other problems6. how do i repair a brass radiator?A torch and bronze rod. But, if you have not done it before get somebody to show you or you will have bigger leak7. is water spouting from the radiator normal?If you have a good water pump it can do that. Are you having any other troubles with the car? Water can also be expelled that way due to a blown head gasket.8. Replace radiator and thermostat still running hot?It could be the coolant is not circulating well through the engine block. Get some additive that helps clean rust and deposits, then flush the system well. A backflush is a good thing to do this, but you can not do it yourself.9. Using a different radiator cap?radiator cap pressures can be as high as 30 Lbs.. but most systems run around the 6 to 18 Lbs depending on the manufacturers recommendations you should use the a cap with the same pressure as the original if your swapping it over... as long as they have the same pressure it should be no issue at all..10. I changed the water pump,radiator,thermostat and hoses. filled the over flow tank, but still not circulating?sure thermostat not in backwards you remove car of radiator and crank motor to watch flow is what id say is problem it can go either way but only works one way it going spring down or rounded side up wouldnt matter what type of coolant as to being no flow and you can flush any time with a water hose and remove lower hose but id say thermosta not working or its in backwards
VideoToo Many Eights (2007), Supercluster, from CDR EP: Special 5 I Got the Answer (2009), Supercluster, from: CD Waves, Studio Mouse Productions/Cloud Recordings Neat In The Street (2011), Supercluster, from: single Paris Effect/Neat In The Street, Studio Mouse Productions/Cloud Recordings. Written by The Side Effects (Butchart/Ellison/Swartz), 1980. Memory Of The Future (2012), Supercluster, from: single Things We Used To Drink/Memory Of The Future, Studio Mouse Productions. Directed by Hana Hay and Hannah Jones from artwork by Hannah Jones.— — — — — —Im looking for a very strange music video I saw years ago?i really want to see this video it sounds AMAZING— — — — — —Are ipod videos worth it?if you want music videos and watching movies, get it. otherwise, 2000 songs oughta last ya. a video can hold like 20000 songs witch may way over do it— — — — — —Is it legal to film randomly in stores?Lol hahah that should be fine, me and my friends made a dancin video and went into a 7/11 and a Mcdonalds and started doin our thing. I mean nothin is really wrong w/ that all they did was kick us out if your causing a scene. Well professional filming u need a contract or some sort of papers but if u get what u need to shoot (get in and get out) I see no problem. P.S We made this video like a week ago. & If this so called documentary goes thru i wanna see it! sounds hilarious !— — — — — —Why is Europe panicking about COVID-19? Do you think the public fear is reasonable?They might have seen this video of a guy in Italy flipping through obituaries.Heartbreaking video shows coronavirus' devastating toll on ItalyBefore the outbreak, 1 and a half pages of obituaries.After the outbreak, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten... ten pages of obituaries.— — — — — —Is this the Ricky Hatton who's saying the fighter of the decade is on PEDs?This is truly embarrassing to be honest, I do not even wanna expose Mayweather fans anymore after seeing this video— — — — — —I have proof, but nobody will believe me!?its not proof, because its just you ranting on the internet and even if you provided this video it could be easily staged— — — — — —How can I change to the previous directory instead of going up?Autojump is a bash/sh/zsh "cd" command that from your actions, see this video. so this would move you to moo after it has learnt the last folders— — — — — —What is a good "beginner" exercise video in the Firm video line?when i started the firm vdeos i could only do about 15-20 min. they are tough. but they work if you stick to them. i used the just the little step for awhile. good luck.— — — — — —What do freelance video editors charge for music videos?OPOQ: Not being a music editor it is bit difficult for m e to tell.But basically this is a "How long is a piece of string" question. It depends on many factors , editing in Los Angeles or London ,with a top editor, could cost you thousands depending on what needs to be done and how long it will take. It may cost a lot less to cut it in Mumbai!It also depends on the content, there may be a lot of effects, green screen computer graphics or other forms of manipulation, even to the extent that an effect may have to be especially written for a video.It also maybe necessary, that a team of specialist editors will be required, upping the cost even more.Shooting with a "super star# may require that a specific editor will be asked for which can cost a lot!On the other hand editors just starting out may work for nothing , just for the experience, and something to put in their portfolio. And of course will you be providing the premises and the editing equipment, or hiring an editor with a complete editing suite and staff will also affect the overall cost.So the answer is- there is no answer.Disclaimer.I have no connection with the AVID company financially, or commercially, although I was trained by AVID and have used AVID products more that 25 years.,— — — — — —How Should I Slip This Stitch? - - knitting patterns and video tutorialsYour pattern tells you to slip the next stitch - but how? Knit-wise? Purl-wise? With yarn in front or back? In this video we talk about what the "default" is, and all the different ways of slipping stitches. The sweater on the mannequin is my Woman's Zippered Letterman's Jacket, pattern video tutorial. The pattern for the sweater I am wearing can be found here (not my design). The bulky yarn I used for demonstration is Lion Brand Hometown USA. The needles I used for demonstration are by Clover.
Recently Reimaged and now Audio and Video Won't Work on Dell Latitude E6400. Hardware Or Driver Issu
Did you use the drivers from the Dell website? if not remove the ones you currently have, reboot and get them from the Dell website as those would be the ones originally installed.1. Is MP3 audio or video file?It's an audio file. That is why when youtube videos are converted to mp3 format you only get the audio from that video not the actual visual aspect of the video2. what resolution do i use for a VGA to audio and video cable?You probably need a VGA-to-composite converter. MCM Electronics sells one (# 83-9025) for about $115. Calrad's 40VC01 (price unknown) does the same job. Other converters are available for transferring various types of signals to almost any type of input. >> Many cables available on Amazon and elsewhere have all the right connectors to make them appear to be what is needed, but they do not interconvert analog and digital signals, nor do they do anything about frame rates, line counts, and the like. Most victims call these items "rip-offs".3. I had the no audio video error on my xbox 360 but now i have the 3 red lights?call 360 support. or just let ur xbox chill for a couple of hours it mightve overheated4. I either have video and no audio or audio and no video when hooking computer to tv.?if you can not get the audio and the video to work on your tv at the same time then plug your video into an input where your video works, then plug your audio into a stereo. You can get a 30 dollar stereo that will put out audio twice as good as your tv probably can5. How to get clear audio in a video?By learning your craft & choosing your equipment carefully. Forget about using built-in microphones6. Xbox 360 Problem, Audio but no Video?Something similar to this happened to me and it turned out that my Xbox had been broken. I am not fully sure what was wrong with it, but the person that fixed it for me said that it was the start of the RROD7. audio video connector help, does anyone know that the gold tip on the wire is called? it is for a back up camera for a car.?It is a connector that carries the signal to your back up screen. It looks like a female BNC connector8. can you use coax cable/wire to replace the cable/wire use to connect audio & video bw receiver & tv?You mean use $0.39/ft CATV coax to build your own RCA cables? No and Yes. All RCA cables are coaxial. You should buy coax designed to carry the signals you want. CATV RF signals are NOT HD analog video signals. Look for Belden 7787A coax. This stuff is about .... $1.20/ft in bulk (for the 3 conductor) and is designed to carry high-def analog video signals. Add some good Canare 75 ohm RCA plugs (not the el-cheepo radio shack audio plugs) and you can make your own HD compatible component cables. Look in your yellow pages for "Greybar Electronics" or look under Telecomm supplies and you will find a place that carries Belden or Canare coax and RCA plugs. Its NOT that much more expensive to use the proper stuff.9. Video player with ability to set SW/HW for Audio and Video separatelyMX Player does HW video / SW audio10. Filter Images, Audio and video from Media in Views?You may consider to use File: Mime type filter instead of File: Path.For all video files the Mime type always has a pattern: video/[video source or format]it might be for example:Applying the filter File: Mime type contains video will solve the problem for all video files, not only youtube11. what does audio video receiver do to video going in and out to monitor via hdmi?The other responses are incorrect... The RXV-363 does NOT do HD up-converting, but it will display its on-screen menus to the monitor output...Hooking the DVD directly to the video monitor is the purist's way to go, but you will not be able to see the receiver's menus...This is a small inconvenience... People do it both ways... Happy Listening...
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